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Remembrance Drive Intersection


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Remembrance Drive - Madden Road - Weighbridge Road Intersection

Project Brief

RMG was engaged to complete the detailed design and project management of the construction of a compact roundabout for the Department of Transport and Planning (DoTP).

DoTP worked with the Arch of Victory/Avenue of Honour Committee, Victoria Police and City of Ballarat to develop the long-term solution at this intersection, that will reduce the rate of crashes, while preserving the integrity of the Avenue and its trees.

Remembrance Drive is an important part of Ballarat’s World War I history and a vital link for those who travel in and out of Ballarat from the west. It also has a significant and tragic crash history, particularly at the Madden Road and Weighbridge Road intersection.

Project Details

RMG provided civil engineering services to design the roundabout in accordance with DoTP requirements and provided superintendent duties for the project. Local contractor Enoch Civil awarded the contract to undertake.

DoTP was issued a heritage permit by Heritage Victoria which outlined important requirements to ensure the protection and maintenance of memorial trees on Remembrance Drive.

The roundabout at the Remembrance Drive, Madden Road and Weighbridge Road intersection aims to improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of crashes.

Project Outcomes

Design and construction of the roundabout was undertaken in-line with requirements set out in the heritage permit, and in accordance with the permit, any memorial trees removed during construction were replaced with like-for-like trees.

The new roundabout will help slow traffic, simplify decision-making and reduce the impact angle of vehicles if a crash occurs.

DoTP, RMG and Enoch took great pride in delivering this vital safety improvement project for the local community.

The project was completed on time, to a high-quality finish with no major safety incidents. A big credit and thanks to the construction team.

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