Project Overview

Bendigo Airport RMG

Bendigo Airport – Whole Water Cycle Management Project


City of Greater Bendigo


Bendigo, Victoria



Effective water management is vitally important to the City of Greater Bendigo, our community, and the broader Bendigo region.


Bendigo is located on an ephemeral creek, with its water supply being provided by a 100km channel network. Water security is a key pillar for the economic prosperity of Bendigo. 


The Whole of Water Cycle Management Showcase Project at the Bendigo Airport included: 

  • The capture of the additional storm water that is created through upstream urbanisation
  • Allowed for pre-urbanised storm water flows to discharge into a creek system which ultimately outfalls to the Murray River. Maintaining these flows are vital for maintaining the health of the Murray Darling Basin 
  • Mitigated against downstream flooding through storm water detention
  • Capturing storm water to irrigate and landscape and otherwise arid environment, providing for a liveable and vibrant airport
  • Treatment of storm water through an innovative approach to reduce impurities such as gross pollutants, suspended solids, phosphorus and nitrogen
  • Opportunity for future commercial development to utilising storm water for toilet flushing, irrigating of landscapes and fire water supply 
  • Reduced pressures on drinking water supply, providing right water for right use 
  • Fostered collaboration between North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA), Coliban Water and the City of Greater Bendigo.

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