Project Overview

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Bacchus Marsh Irrigation District Modernisation – Maddingley Pump Station


Moorabool Shire Council


Bacchus Marsh, Victoria



RMG was engaged by Moorabool Shire Council to project manage the Halletts Way Project. As a result of this project the existing rural water supply (via a channel system) was intersected, requiring an alternative solution.

In conjunction with Southern Rural Water, RMG worked to realise Stage 1 of the Bacchus Marsh Irrigation District (BMID) Modernisation Project, being the Maddingley Pump Station.

The Stage 1 works included an innovative approach to supplying the BMID with irrigation water. Rather than utilising the existing channel network, water was realised from the upstream catchment to the Werribee River where a downstream pump station would intercept the release and pump it up to storage tanks. This approach required careful management of existing flows within the Werribee River to ensure environment flows were maintained.

RMG was able to achieve this by bringing together its expertise in water management to provide a holistic solution.

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