Pechell Street Subdivision

Lotli Pty Ltd – Pechell Street Subdivision

RMG was engaged by Lotli Pty Ltd to develop a 7 Lot Subdivision in Pechell Street, Axedale.  This subdivision had a significant upstream catchment, in which stormwater runoff would discharge into an existing housing area.

RMG worked together with Lotli Pty Ltd to create a solution that rectified the existing drainage issue by detaining stormwater runoff from the upstream catchment along with implementing a Water Sensitive Urban Design Solution that treated the stormwater runoff so as to attain 80% reduction in total suspended solids, 45% reduction in total nitrogen, 45% reduction in total phosphorous and 70% reduction in gross pollutants.

In undertaking the development RMG provided a holistic solution, this included Statutory Planning, Geometric Roads Design, Reticulate Sewer Design, Reticulate Water Design and innovative Drainage Design.

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