Gisborne-Kilmore Road/Gisborne Road Intersection

Regional Roads Victoria – Gisborne Kilmore Road Intersection

RMG was engaged by Regional Roads Victoria – Northern Region to design the intersection of Gisborne-Kilmore Road with Pierce Road and Kilmore Road in New Gisborne.

Gisborne-Kilmore Rd (C705) is a two lane / two-way arterial road under the control of VicRoads. Pierce Road and Kilmore Road are single lane local roads under the control of Macedon Ranges Shire.

The objective of the project was to remodel the intersection configuration to improve the stagger and delineation of the local road approaches.  This was driven by the intersection having a significant crash history.

RMG worked together with Regional Roads Victoria to provide a holistic, cost effective intersection design.  RMG undertook the design which included, review of existing Functional Layout Design, Functional Design Road Safety Audit, Sight line checks, preparation of Alignment Plan, Longitudinal plans, Typical Cross Section Plans, Cross section Plans, Set Out and Geometric information Plans, Kerb Longitudinal Sections Plans, Drainage and kerbing Plans, Pavement and Paving Surfacing Plans, Utility Relocation Plans, Signage and Linemarking Plans, along with Lighting Design.

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