Brightening Broadway

Buloke Shire Council – Project Management for the Brightening Broadway Artwork Installation

RMG was engaged by the Buloke Shire Council to project manage Brightening Broadway, an artwork installation to bring life to the streets of Wycheproof.

The project was initiated to re-new walkways and provide lights to activate the town at night, giving new capabilities to Wycheproof and generate local tourism.

Part of RMG’s involvement was assisting with securing artists and facilitating engagement for artwork installation. Reece Hendy of Bendigo and Kyle Tourney of St Arnaud were selected to complete the installation through a quoting possess.

The final artwork depicts King of the Mountain, a race hosted from 1978-88 up the world’s smallest registered mountain, Mt. Wycheproof, carrying a 70kg bag of wheat.

Standing at 148 metres above sea level or 43 metres above the surrounding plains, Australia’s Mount Wycheproof has the distinction of being the smallest registered mountain in the world.

The final artwork showcases the unique pride and history of Wycheproof which the town was keen to share with travellers, visitors and locals.


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