Successful Cities – Innovating, Collaborating, Enabling

Technology is driving a profound shift, it is reshaping existing industries, developing new industries and developing new ways our communities exist. This requires us to think about the workforce and infrastructure that will support this new dimension.

Transformation brings opportunity to the door steps of our regional centres. Technology has reduced the tyranny of distance, providing access to compete within a global market place.

Our country’s prosperity relies on the ability of regional communities to take advantage of the opportunity, to take a whole State and National approach to build our future. Grasping these opportunities can reap great rewards through innovating, collaborating and enabling.

Innovation is about improving the way we do things. It is enabled by technology, but more importantly innovation is really about improvement in process. Improvement in how we communicate, improvement in how we travel, improvement grow our food, improvement in how plan and deliver infrastructure projects.

Collaboration requires industry, profession, academia and government to work together in a dynamic setting. To understand and share the developments within industry and to rapidly engage with each other to support the development of new technology and the supporting workforce.

Enabling provides the change foundations for innovation and collaboration. These enablers are diverse and include improving engagement of students in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), gretaer diversity in STEM based professions, strong higher education provided in regional centres, setting an all-encompassing vision for our State, celebration of entrepreneurship, and communication infrastructure that connects us to the world.

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