How Do I Subdivide My Land?

What is a Subdivision?

Subdivision is the process of dividing land or an existing building into two or more lots. Each lot then has a separate title and can be sold separately.

image of example subdivision plan

What’s the Subdivision Process?

The subdivision process includes 6 steps. Depending on the complexity of the subdivision, it may take 9 – 18 months to complete the subdivision and have new titles for each lot.

The 6 steps to a subdivision:

1.    Development Assessment/Feasibility

As each parcel of land is different the costs associated with completing a subdivision vary from land parcel to land parcel. This cost can vary due to many factors including, geology, vegetation, existing infrastructure, new infrastructure required etc.

In order to minimise money on a subdivision that may not be feasible, we recommend undertaking a Development Feasibility before proceeding to the next steps.

This Development Assessment will develop a Proposed Plan of Subdivision, identify authorities requirements and provide a cost estimate should the subdivision proceed.

2.    Planning

A Planning Permit gives you permission to subdivide land under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

An application for a Planning Permit is made to your local Council and is often referred to servicing authorities such as gas, telecommunication and electricity authorities for input.

If your Planning Permit is approved, it will contain conditions that must be satisfied in order for the subdivision to be completed. This may include conditions from the local Council or other servicing authorities.

3.    Surveying

To subdivide, a Licensed Land Surveyor is required to prepare a Plan of Subdivision. Licensed Surveyors are the only people qualified in Victoria to determine the location of your existing title and create new title boundaries.

In addition to preparing a Plan of Subdivision, the surveyor must re-establish your existing title boundaries, peg the new lot boundaries and prepare other supporting documentation for Lodgement at Land Use Victoria.

In most cases, a feature survey, picking up things such as the topography, vegetation, services etc. will also be required. This feature survey is used by the engineering team to design new infrastructure or design any upgrades to infrastructure required as part of the Planning Permit.

Your surveyor will lodge the Plan at Council for Certification via an online system known as SPEAR.

4.    Engineering

The Planning Permit will include a number of conditions. Often these condition include upgrade of infrastructure such as roads, sewer reticulation, water reticulation, drainage, gas, telecommunications and electricity.

Engineers design each of these elements and submit the plans to each of the service authorities for approval. Once approval is received from each of the service authorities, construction can commence.

The Plan of Subdivision can usually be Certified by Council once approvals are received from each of the service authorities.

5.    Construction

Construction includes the physical installation of the infrastructure design by the engineers. This infrastructure is to be installed in accordance with the service authorities specifications.

The Engineers are required to undertake inspections to ensure the works are compliant.

6.    Compliance

The final stage is to have Council issue a Statement of Compliance for your subdivision.

A Statement of Compliance is issued upon completion of all the construction activities to the satisfaction of each service authority and the Local Council.

The Statement of Compliance together with the Certified Plan of Subdivision and other supporting documentation is provided to your Solicitor who will lodge the subdivision at Land Use Victoria (formally Titles Office) so that new Titles can be issued for your subdivided land.

What Next?

The subdivision process includes some complexities, but with the right advice can be financially rewarding.

This is where RMG is here to assist. We provide all the service you require to see your subdivision through from idea to completion. Our experienced team brings together a number of our solutions, ensuring a perspective to enhance the value add.

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